I'm a motorcoach (tour bus) driver for Hagey Coach, Inc., and live in Telford, PA. I drive all over the eastern US and Canada (37 states and 5 provinces so far). Digital photography is my hobby and passion. I have a background as a professional photographer (first career) and my degree is in photography (Bachelor of Science in Professional Photography, 1974, from Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY). My job allows me to see and photograph many beautiful sights around the country. This website changes frequently, so come back often!

I’ve been using digital cameras since 1996, when I bought my first digital camera — the Epson PhotoPC. It had a whole megabyte of memory, holding up to 16 photos at the “high” resolution of 640x480 pixels. We’ve come a long way in digital photography since then!

My current digital camera arsenal includes my workhorse, a Nikon Z6 full-frame mirrorless DSLR and a growing collection of lenses. I also do a surprising amount of photography these days with my iPhone 11 Pro Max. Another favorite is my Fujifilm FinePix X100F, great for street-photography-style photos. One of these cameras (or sometimes all of them!) is always with me. For infrared photography, I use a specially converted Canon PowerShot G9.

Nearly all my photos are shot in RAW format and post processed using Apple's Aperture software and various plug-ins.

I’ve used more than a dozen different digital cameras since that first digital Epson PhotoPC in 1996. Many photos here were taken with my previous Nikons: my workhorse for almost five years was a Nikon D750. Prior to that I used a Nikon D600, a Nikon D300, and before that a Nikon D80 DSLR. For portability, I used to use a Sony Alpha NEX-7, and a Canon PowerShot S90. A few were taken with a compact Canon PowerShot A560. Some photos here were taken with my Canon PowerShot G9 before it was converted to infrared. A few older photos were taken with a previous favorite, a Canon Powershot G6, or the even older Canon Powershot G3.

Photos from my trips are organized by the calendar quarter in which they were made. So if you're looking for photos from a specific trip, click the folder representing that collection of galleries. Then click the cover photo of the gallery you'd like to view and click the first photo to begin. Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to advance through the tour, or click the graphics on each page.

Many of the photos here may be purchased as prints. Click to add them to your shopping cart, then you may select from many options for size and finish. The copyright watermark will not appear on purchased prints.

I do a limited amount of commercial and portrait photography. If you're interested in hiring me, email me using the form on the Contact page.

I use Zenfolio, http:/​/​www.​zenfolio.​com, to host my photo gallery (BobBergey.com). If you'd like to have your own photo gallery using Zenfolio's service, use my referral code to save $5.00 off the first year's subscription cost: QQN-VEK-W9V.