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Congratulations, James & Michelle!

Here are a collection of snapshots from your wedding ... enjoy!

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Guestbook for Brady-Rojek Wedding 5/8/09
Agnnes Lookadoo,James Granmother,(non-registered)
Congragulations,Michelle and James,I will Pray as long as our wonderful Lord allows for me to do so for you both,
please always remember this night and you love,treat it special,and it will last for ever,I tell some of my friend to think of it as a precious jewel for its more precious than gold,so insure it with a williness to never leave it un protected,don't talk when hurt or angry,wait ever how long it takes to think of the issue pray for guidence, your grand father and I made a pledge never go to bed angry, for we are never fair when angry,and that we would always talk out our problems, and every marrage will have dis agreements, but patience,love and understanding covers and heals all if you both are willing,
I never told your grand father bad news when he came home from a long day untill I served him a good dinner,and often he took a short nap,the if there were any issues with the children ect.then he has so much more patiece to listen and when I would get agrivated at him for any reason,I would count all the wonderful great qualities in him and our wedding promising to love untill death us do part,it always worked,gentle and kindness covers many hurt feeling like Christ love covers all our sins. for give me for running on,but you know how very happy and proud that you have found your one and only. wit all my love Grandma "Smoly "
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